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Halloween 2004 What a great

Halloween 2004
What a great weekend. Ted and Ryan came up to visit. Two days of Halloween in good ol’ SB. Good times indeed.

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Ryan had the coolest costume. He got so much love from it. Even got a free guiness from a piece of bacon!

I won’t write any more about the weekend. Look at the pictures in the gallery. They speak volumes.

Kaki King

I have been a fan of Kaki King ever since I heard about her. Her second album was released recently. Look what I got on Saturday in a little package from Georgia.

My friends always call me David Vo. If they introduce me to their other friends, they say “This is Joe, John, Barry, and David Vo.” Even groups that have never met each other call me David Vo. I am not sure why. It’s weird. Anyway, look at what Kaki signed my CD! Eerie.

The Next Bacardi Ad
I was using Hello to chat with my friend Sharon. She sent me a picture and I remarked it looked like an alcohol ad you’d see in Maxim.

What do you think?

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