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When asked why there wasn’t

When asked why there wasn’t a car accident in ‘The Village’ since it’s one of M. Night Shyamalan’s trademarks, a reader on the IMDB message boards replied:

The director’s trademark is that he always puts himself in the movie, and at the stupidest parts. It’s kinda hard to beleive that in Signs. the town was populated by 4000 white people and 1 arabian guy. Not to mention he’s a horrible actor. I was expecting him to be running around with children or something in The Village, but he wasn’t. I hoped to myself that maybe he wouldn’t do it this time, maybe he finally understands that he sucks. In the end, he got me again. Its like looking at a bowl of Captain Crunch, with a cheeseburger floating around in it. Sure, the burger tastes good, but it has no place in the bowl of cereal.

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