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Kaki King – Hotel Cafe

Kaki King – Hotel Cafe

Yesterday I left work early and went to Calabasas to visit Ted briefly. We played some Half-Life 2 before we made our way through 20 miles of traffic that took us over 1 hour to a little place called Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. We met Claire there. We went to see one of my favorite artists, Kaki King. I talked to her prior to her performance and she seemed either shy or cautious. I am not sure. I hope I didn’t seem too scary. Got her to sign my CD booklets and after the show I took a picture with her. Most of the pictures are very blurry and hard to see. I thought taking pictures with flash would be a bit rude, though 3 other people did it throughout the night. Next time I’ll flash away.

Her performance was really unbelievable. After one song, I think I saw Claire’s jaw dropped. I know mine was. She even showed us her work on the lapsteel. I didn’t know there was an instrument called that. I think Ted and Claire had a good time – at least I hope they did!

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