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Human Plastination, Cheapskate Humor, and

Human Plastination, Cheapskate Humor, and Eye Am Going Blind

Thanksgiving Weekend – This previous weekend I went home for Thanksgiving. I actually had a really good time. It was a nice 4 day weekend. I went to my Aunt Kim’s place in Victorville for a Thanksgiving lunch. We came back late afternoon and on the way home, stopped by my sister’s new house to check it out. I spent my time there fixing her and her boyfriend’s computers.

Later that night, I went to Ari-ya Japanese in Old Town, Pasadena. This was the greatest experience ever. The town was deserted. Even the bums were gone … probably to the soup kitchens. The parking lot was free and basically deserted. There was no wait at the restaurant. We got great food for really cheap. I must have eaten $40-50 worth of food but since this is not Santa Barbara, I paid $19 with tax and tip.

Ted, Ronald, Steph, and I went to see National Treasure. Wow, simply amazing movie. It’s along the same lines as Da Vinci Code, except they released it much earlier. Great work by Disney. It was pleasant to see a movie with no sex, gratuitous violence, or cursing. It still can be done people.

The next day, I went to the California Science Museum, located next to USC, with Ted. We went to see the Body Worlds exhibit. It was a lot of fun. I learned what all the parts in the human body look like. I guess the sciatic nerve is really important because they point it out on half of the bodies. To be honest, after a while it sort of got boring. I was ready to leave before Ted was. He’s very meticulous at looking at every single item.

Later that night, Ed, Claire, Steph, and I went to see Sideways. My co-worker Ken had reviewed this movie 1-2 weeks prior but I didn’t really listen to what he had to say. After the movie started, I remembered he said it was filmed in Santa Barbara County – and it was! It was fun watching it and thinking “Hey, I’ve been there”. Most of the places I have seen because we went there when Prakash and Gretchen came to visit.

The rest of the weekend was lowkey, just mostly hanging out. Tried out a great new restaurant called Hurry Curry of Tokyo. The Pasadena location is their second one. The original one is in LA. The lead singer of Hoobastank said he’d order their chicken cutlet curry for his last meal if he was on death row. I don’t really know how you can beat that. Shopping at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel is always fun. They have really neat stuff.

A bunch of Alias Season 3 episodes, more eating, and a drive back to SB.

Cheap Justifications – Why is it that cheapskates (yes, not frugal) always announce how they *can* do something but don’t. I don’t think anyone mistakenly calls them “poor”. I just heard a conversation where someone said “You know, I could afford that Porsche right now … I’m just not sure I want to” Face it – you are a cheapskate. Why are you telling me what you *could* afford? I *could* afford many things too but I don’t talk about it. I just buy it. If you don’t want to buy something, then don’t. You don’t have to explain any further.

Retinal Holes – I went across the street (from work) yesterday for a routine eye exam and prescription update. Toward the end, I had to call Nick to ask him to look up my contact lens prescription. For poorly explained reason, they needed it. Well, Nick was still at work so I was done with the call in 2 minutes. The doctor left me there for 15 minutes. While he was gone, I was just sitting there twiddling my thumbs. I couldn’t see anything because my contacts were out. I guess he thought the phone call would take a whole 15 minutes so he started treating other patients.

The place is basically empty by now. The silence was broken with a woman’s voice, “Does that mean I am going blind?” The doctor went on to explain that there was a hole in her retina and overtime, it might cause retinal separation then blindness. Right now, he recommended that they observe it. Come back in 6 months and we’ll see what, if anything, has changed. Or you can go see a retinal specialist and they might want to shoot it with lasers to close it up.

I thought to myself “Man, what a poor gal. I am just here for a quick eye exam and I am out!” Then the doctor came back and did some tests. Then he stood there scratching his chin and said “Hold on a sec, I have to get Dr. Luke’s opinion.” Long story short, I have the same problem. A hole in my left retina. They donned all these masks and lenses. Put three different types of chemicals in my eye, dilated my pupils, numbed my eyes, stuck a plastic cylinder with a contact lens over it, took digital photographs of the inside of it, shone really really bright lights into it for a long time while having me hold positions like upper left, straight down, lower right, etc. I was very confused by it all but the only real question I have is …

Do girls dig pirates?

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