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RE: Living at home Funny

RE: Living at home

Funny tidbit from a heated converation I was reading…

Originally posted by: Anubis
I also dunt understand why you are giving him or anyone that still lives at home sh!T, some of us wernt lucky enough to get a job directly out of college and had to move in back home,
80% of my friends from college still live at home, and most of them have jobs that pay the 40k+ a year]

I was making more than that before I was 18, and because of this I moved out. I have too much respect for myself and my mother to so egregiously take advantage of such a situation. You all can rationalize it however you want, but let’s be honest and call it for what it is: Exploitation. There is nothing preventing you from spending time with your mother, doing things for her, etc. when you don’t live at home.

Cut the placenta, be a man, and move on.

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