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Worst Year Ever Christmas Comes

Worst Year Ever

Christmas Comes Early – I took a day off early before the holiday break started so I could get back to LA and see one of my favorite bands, The Transiberian Orchestra, perform at the Arrowhead Pond. 75 miles into my drive, I got my first Christmas present – A speeding ticket from the CHP. I’ve always read that cops are jerks because they deal with jerks all day. It makes them hate people. So it’s a breath of fresh air when you are nice to a cop. It makes them want to be nice back. Not true my friends. This cop never told me how fast I was going, couldn’t understand the concept of carbon paper (my ticket looks like a 3 year old scribbled on it. There is no clear indication of speed travel, violation number, etc). Anyway, not a cool guy. I was guilty of course, but at least be nice to me.

No Money, Mo’ Problems – When you go to school, the billings office breaks down your yearly cost and then breaks down how you should pay for it. If you have a job, you are responsible for some. Then you add to that loans, grants, etc. They expect your parents to pay a large portion too. And if they can’t? They have to take out loans. Same ones that you take out as a student, mostly Direct Loans. Anyway, I tried a few times for them to allow me to put it in my name but the office wouldn’t. They said that in CA, parents have the expectation to pay for their children’s education. Fair enough. So, the solution is for my parents to take the loan and for me to pay it back as if it were mine. This is exactly what’s been going on. I always thought that it was about $4,000. I had my dad send me the statements because I needed some information off them. I was so wrong. Try $11,000! I’ll be paying that off for a while. I hope I can find a company that will allow me to consolidate their loans into mine. Doubtful though.

Fun at the Dentist – Went in thinking I needed a tooth re-filled. The filling had come out. Turns out I brok the tooth and need a crown. Plus I have a bunch of cavities. Talk about unexpected medical expenses. ALOT of time and money here.

Shut Down – So the dental assistant was pretty cute. At the end of the conversation, I had to settle something.

David: I have to ask you something …
Candis: You want to know what I do here?
David: No no, I wanted to know what ethnicity you were. Because you look Russian, or at least Eastern European.
Candis: Nope, tee hee. I am American.
David: Wow, that’s interesting because I know some Russian’s and you defintely look it.
Candis: No no. But my *boyfriend* is.
David: (puts head down, and shakes in shame).

How did I get shut down before ANY flirting went on. Seriously. How does “Are you Russian” set off her “come on” alarm?

3 Responses to “Worst Year Ever Christmas Comes”

  • Sounds like you were flirting.

  • I’m nearly ashamed to admit it, but I agree with Sheldo on this one. Your very light flirting warned her that more was coming. The proper flirtation in this case is: I have a lot of money, a big dick, and you KNOW I have good teeth, so let’s go.

  • it’s okay, i wouldn’t be disappointed . . . it’s the whole ‘i am american’ thing. she’s a) stupid or b) a bitch.

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