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Power Acura South Bay (Torrance)

Power Acura South Bay (Torrance) – Who *NOT* To Buy a Car From

I just got off the phone with the rudest dealer I have ever spoken to. I emailed a quote request initially on January 10th and was met with an automated response. No quote, no follow up, no details, no contact.

Then today, I replied to the automated email to tell him I was serious about buying and I needed info.

What I got next was a trip into bad customer service land. I thought I was at Comp USA or something!

First his demeanor was pitiful. He called and had a very non-chalant attitude like he was doing me a favor. Very coarse voice, monotoone, no enthusiasm. I asked him for a price, which he gave me. And I said, “Pretty good”. He immediately pushed me to give him a credit card to put a deposit down. He kept pushing me to do so. Then I asked him what that was out the door, which he gave me promptly. I asked if his car contained any extras and he said he threw in wheel locks, mud flaps, and trunk liner for FREE, but if the other dealer (he has to trade for the car) doesn’t have it on there, he won’t “go out of his way” to put them on. As if he is doing me some sort of favor.

I let him know that there is nothing for free and his price was about $130 over my lowest bid and asked if he could beat it. At this point he became very agitated and said “You just told me my price was good! And now you want to play games?” And I said “Yeah, well that’s before I knew you added in those options I don’t want. Do you want to sell a car this month?” To which he replied, “I don’t know, do YOU want to buy a car this month?”

I thought this was pretty funny. So I said “Alright, I’ll be in touch” and he hung up on me!

Another tidbit – He refused to send me prices over email. I have dealt with a dozen different dealers and keep track of them through email. It’s extremely difficult to keep track of stuff if I have to jot every little thing down.

Anyway, stay away from this dealer unless you think a TSX should cost $30k plus your dignity.

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