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Power Acura South Bay (Torrance)

Power Acura South Bay (Torrance) – Who *NOT* To Buy a Car From

I just got off the phone with the rudest dealer I have ever spoken to. I emailed a quote request initially on January 10th and was met with an automated response. No quote, no follow up, no details, no contact.

Then today, I replied to the automated email to tell him I was serious about buying and I needed info.

What I got next was a trip into bad customer service land. I thought I was at Comp USA or something!

First his demeanor was pitiful. He called and had a very non-chalant attitude like he was doing me a favor. Very coarse voice, monotoone, no enthusiasm. I asked him for a price, which he gave me. And I said, “Pretty good”. He immediately pushed me to give him a credit card to put a deposit down. He kept pushing me to do so. Then I asked him what that was out the door, which he gave me promptly. I asked if his car contained any extras and he said he threw in wheel locks, mud flaps, and trunk liner for FREE, but if the other dealer (he has to trade for the car) doesn’t have it on there, he won’t “go out of his way” to put them on. As if he is doing me some sort of favor.

I let him know that there is nothing for free and his price was about $130 over my lowest bid and asked if he could beat it. At this point he became very agitated and said “You just told me my price was good! And now you want to play games?” And I said “Yeah, well that’s before I knew you added in those options I don’t want. Do you want to sell a car this month?” To which he replied, “I don’t know, do YOU want to buy a car this month?”

I thought this was pretty funny. So I said “Alright, I’ll be in touch” and he hung up on me!

Another tidbit – He refused to send me prices over email. I have dealt with a dozen different dealers and keep track of them through email. It’s extremely difficult to keep track of stuff if I have to jot every little thing down.

Anyway, stay away from this dealer unless you think a TSX should cost $30k plus your dignity.

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  • most despicable people:

    1) neo-con republicans
    2) technical recruiters
    3) car salesmen

  • Power Acura South Bay is the typical snakeskin oil salesmen. Except their appearance are sometimes deceptive. These people do not reveal defects even if they are obvious or many and will present the purchase agreement as “No defects”. Then they’ll lie to you about doing anything to make you happy while the return clause is still effective. Once that’s over, good luck chasing them. Twice, I’ve been fooled by these people. It gets worse each time. So I’ve learned my lesson. Stay away from this dealership. Plus, they change entire staff every now and then. The disappearing act to slip away from liabilities.

  • You are correct in your statements that this dealership is very unprofessional and have no customer service skills either. They also do not inspect their used vehicles but will say that they indeed are certified. It’s all a bunch of BS because they are more worried about the bottom line and not their customers satisfaction or happiness. But the problem also lies with the uneducated consumer who does not come prepared to buty their car with the information easily obtained from many websites and they also do not stick to their guns.

    I’ve seen it because I worked for a Power dealership (Autonation) and the attitude usually stems from the General Manager and General Sales Manager. These two people are the cause of many a dealership falling into the old mindset of how to sell a car like they did 20-30 years ago. That just doesn’t or at least shouldn’t work anymore and they could still make a profit.

    If you use this Acura dealership beware of the General Sales Manager Dan Turner (overweight guy, bald head) because he is the biggest liar and bullshi**er there ever was. He is the absolute worst person to try and make a deal with and usually will not make a deal unless he is making $3000-$4000 profit or unless he needs to get some cars out that month and is desperate. In truth a dealer shouldn’t make more than $500 profit but the consumers rely too much on the false statements dealers are giving them. For instance, if you get a “great deal” on the front end (salesman) the finance people are going to have to some how make up the difference through your financing. I’ve seen it where a lady qualified with her credit (Tier 1) for 0% financing, but because the dealership wasn’t “making enough” money on the deal, they wrote her at 17% finance rate. She obviously wasn’t too bright or at least she knew she could find another bank within 30 days of signing that contract and renegotiate a better APR.

    So to all those people looking to buy a new or used car just do the research and don’t let them talk you into making an impulse purchase. After all a vehicle is usually the second biggest purchase that most people will make (after a house). Good luck!!


  • Chris,

    Thank you for taking the time to let people to know about the evil that is Power Acura South Bay (Torrance)!

  • Why buy an acura, you really should get a honda. You see the reason people complain about the price is because they really can’t afford it. not unless it is discounted, well let me ask you a question does bently take off 60 thousand dollars to sell one of there cars. If you can fucking tell me that acura doesnt justify there window prices then you are a moron. This is the best acura dealership ive ever been to and I paid full fucking sticker and I am proud because I can afford it.
    The managers there are real people and try to help how ever they can. every buisness is about making money or they wouldnt do it. Just to let you know it cost 350 dollars for detailing the car 800 for the flooring cost of each vehical and so on so when you pay full sticker theres like 5 differernt things that profit is going to not just to pay the nice salesman that works 80 hours a week and if he doesnt sell anything doesnt get paid. The salesperson has the hardest job ever trying to sell you the right car and making it try to work for you. It took me 7 hours to buy the car I wanted and the salesperson stuck by my side the whole way. In the end I got a Great Car for the right price which is MSRP tax. Acura Is a luxury vehical and if you dont make enough cash to really afford one then get the Honda dont complain on a stupid blog. you sound like a cheap fucking bastard. Power acura Is what a car dealership should be and that is Honest and straight forward. Next time your thinking you want one of the highest resell value cars on the planet not to mention the best navigation system ever hands down and the biggest screen, the first japanese luxury car in america the best engine ever built vtech and the best price on the sticker compared to every other copycat or german luxury vehical that will cost you way more to fix. REALLY ASK YOURSELF A QUESTION CAN YOU REALLY AFFORD A HIGH END VEHICAL OR SHOULD YOU GET THE LESSOR ON BEING HONDA IN THIS CASE.

  • I have been driving my Acura TSX since January, 24, 2005.

    Any questions?

  • wow looks like ‘the inside story’ is a dealer at power acura south bay. way to ‘cover that one up’ 😉

  • Run, do not walk, away from this dealership. Old school, car salesmen with a never ending onslaught of BS and greasy high pressure tactics. Not to mention their poor spelling skillls. An LA times ad had stated a certain price for a used vehicle on their lot. The ad had been running for three days. I looked at, and liked the car. I’m on the lot for the better part of two hours and the dickweed salesman is still dropping comments like “Well, I hope the sales manager honors the price…” Honors the price? The ad has been running for three days. “Well, it could be a misprint…” and later with “I don’t think he knew it had the navigation system…” and on and on and on. Super lowball offer on my clean trade-in, to the tune that if I had accepted their offer they would have cleared 4-6k on the trade in alone. A fair dealer profit is OK…bare naked greed is not.
    These guys are major assholes. You’ve been warned.

  • Wow, ooooohhhhh the hate, all over a car? C’mon.

    An insider tells me that Chris Cullen sounds a lot like a moron who used to work at a car dealership in the area. The guy apparently hung a sale banner facing the employee parking lot instead of the 405 freeway which has thousands of cars passing by. I understand that when a manager called him a “genius” he went so far as to call the 800 RAT number on him. My understanding is that he got laughed out the auto business. Ouch! That has to hurt. . .wow, bitter, bitter, bitter, oh, well flipping hot dogs can’t be all that bad. . .

    As for Rich. . .insiders tell me that he ended up calling the store a number of times and asking for a discount off the ad price. Oh, naughty Rich. Was told no but went there anyway. Apparently this poor fellow almost had a nervous breakdown in the parking lot after slamming his trunk down on his weathered trade in. Ooooh, it hurts when we can’t rip the big, bad dealer off. . .

    By for now. . .the Insider



  • Who’s a liar? They are by far the best Acura Dealership I have ever dealt with. I have bought 4 cars from them over the past 6 years.

  • I went in the other night and felt the vibes everyone is talking about. Only young kids or impulsive people are naive enough to fall for these sorts of tactics. But I am just going to be fair and say they are ALL like that. Reminds me of Old Gil in the simpsons episodes always playing a sales man.

    It’s too bad that consumers aren’t more savvy, and as a previous poster mentioned. it isn’t that hard to wise up before you go in by just doing some smart internet searches on prices. For example, look up what the vehicle that you’re about to buy is trading in at. Sites like or
    can give you that info. I am a consumer and i think its only fair to pay between the trade in value and the sale value to a private party. Just because they put a trunk liner in the back and have it detailed doesn’t mean you should pay thousands more than is fair.

    Tip, get financing before you go to the lot, stick with your prices. Everything is very shiny and attractive so remember to use judgement and just say no to bs or zone it out. If that doesn’t work go talk to the sales manager at the end of the month!

  • I purchased a 2010 TL SH-AWD from this dealer frankly because they were the only dealer within 60 miles of my house that had a selection of 2010 TLs with the SH-AWD option. We were treated well, there was no pressure, and I suppose due to tough economic times, we negotiated an excellent deal several thousand dollars off MSRP. It was a good experience; maybe things have changed in the past year and a half.

  • here is my contribution to this blog:

    I rather enjoy power acura, but am talking from service experience, not sales. Since my purchase in 2002, I have modified my vehicle and have had many things warrantied regardless of my modifications. Other dealers simply denied me service because of a intake/exhaust and few other modifications. They replaced my solenoid twice, even when i was 3k miles past my warranty. That alone is a sign of good service.

    Once again, can’t comment on the salesman, but the techs and a few of the service reps are legit. (this was in 2004-05 fyi)

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