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Tea and Baskets So today

Tea and Baskets
So today after lunch I see a big box on my desk. What could it be? My new shoes? My car wash and wax stuff? No, those are coming next week. So I opened it up and this is what I found inside.

It was a gift basket from Santa Monica Acura. Pretty nice huh? I should be getting my wheel locks soon.

Tea Anyone?
I’ve been meaning to take pictures of my tea collection at work. I takes up about half the side of one of my panels.

There are two many things to list here but note the Bodum French Press, Bodum Infuser, Bodum Tea Pot with Infuser, organic sugar, dozens of honey sticks, porcelan tea spoon, honey spoon, jar honey, clear plastic container full of dozens of tea bags, 2 containers from Republic of Tea (Vanilla Almond and Ginger Peach), multiple cans and bags of loose tea from Stash, and there’s even some Ghirardelli hot chocolate back there too.

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