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This past week started out

This past week started out great. My friend Prakash and his girlfriend Ashley missed their flight to Florida so they came up to SB to visit. I have not seen them in ages!

When Ashley got out of the car she did “The Vo” symbol with her hands. How cute! Sorry, I don’t have a picture of it.

I came back on Saturday morning and spent the next two days eating, bowling, shopping, and watching Hitch (again, first time was with Prakash and Ash). I was kind of annoyed this weekend. Irritated I guess. I probably shouldn’t have left SB.

Later that weekend, I hung out with Bri briefly. She came over just as Ted called me to ask if I wanted to hang out. It was late at night but I am always game. So he arrived and brought a guest with him – Irene! So the four of us went to some FOB cafe. Sucky food as usual. Anyway, while we were there, Bri realized her homework was due in half an hour (midnight) so we rushed back to my place and she did it on my computer while I waited. We left Ted and Irene at the restaurant. Don’t worry, I went to pick them up after.

I decided to leave on Monday afternoon when the rain had stopped and the sky had cleared up a bit. Anyway, a normal 1:45 trip took about 3.5 hours! Here’s what I looked at most of the time.

And then as the sun set…

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