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Strike! What a fun day.


What a fun day. We had a very productive MCR meeting with Marketing where we made a lot of changes to the process. Then at the end, Kevin announced the handoff to Nathan for the MCR job. I think most of the room was shocked since it was the first time they heard about my leaving.

Then off to a developer’s meeting for G2v5. Last only 8 minutes and at the end of that too, we had a handoff. This time to Shirley. She’s been here a really short amount of time and got hooked up!

Then it was time for bowling. It was organized by Kelly. She did a really good job. We played 2 games, got our own soda machine, and then pizza and beer. The top three teams (averaged the players’ scores) got “valuable” prizes. They were a bacchi (sp?) ball set, horsehoe set, or croquet set. First place got first choice then the rest get what’s left over.

I bowled the best games in my life. 240 points combined between two games. I rule!

Nathan striking a pose.

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