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College Night Everytime I do

College Night

Everytime I do something that could be considered social on a Thursday evening, I feel like I am a young hip college student, even though I really never did any of this stuff while I was actually in college.

Tonight, we all convened at Sam and Penny’s place for a nice home cooked meal. We devoured:

– Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and prosciutto in a creamy tomato sauce
– Asparagas with olive oil and cheese
– Salad with artichoke hearts, cous cous, tiny tomatoes, two different types of cheeses, and a vinegarette
– Ravenswood Cabernet Savignon
– Homemade chocolate brownies with vanilla Hagen Daaz ice cream
– Lots of Bacardi 151 hurricanes

Dinner was scrumptious. The wine was not too bad too. Good choice David. Thanks! 🙂

After, we played a drinking game called What The F*CK. It’s not actually mine. I bought it for Ronald so he let me borrow it. Though technically I stole it since I didn’t ask his permission.

Good times, good food.

Oh yeah, I am taking many pictures this week because I am leaving the company soon. So, that’s good for you guys. I am going to be posting pictures everyday, or at least I’ll try to.

This is Evan’s dog. The nicest, friendliest, cutest, most spoiled dog in the world. She just chills all day in his office. I love her.

Clockwise from left: Dusty, Penny, Sam, Mia, Kelly, and David (not shown)

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