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Tuesday – 4 Days Remaining

Tuesday – 4 Days Remaining
So today I went around trying to take more pictures of my coworkers. My goal is to take a picture of everyone that I am friends with or have ever worked with on a project. Some people, I don’t even know their names, so they are getting skipped. I am finding that people all vary on whether or not they’ll let you take their picture. Most men don’t have a problem with it. There are a couple that really are bothered by it. Half the women seem to love it, they’ll even pose. Some will not take a picture alone. And others will downright refuse a picture. Very odd.

Myself and Florian. I am going to miss this guy. I think he’ll miss me a bit too though he is being stubborn about it on my final days.

After work today, we had the first practice for the first ever Citrix Online Dodgeball team. I really wish this had taken off when I was still there. I would have dominated. Ok, maybe not. I was just basing it on my excellent elemetary school German Dodgeball skills. I ruled!

Check out this action shot with Doug!

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