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Wednesday – 3 Days Remaining

Wednesday – 3 Days Remaining

I was going back and forth on this and decided on keeping my countdown. I realize that I am posting this at the end of the day and in many cases, actually the morning of the next day but I still want to keep the count the way it is. I am posting about Wednesday which means there are three days left of work.

Today went well. About a dozen of us went to The Palace downtown. I love that place. Ronald was very jealous when I told him I went. We all got delicious crawfish appetizers, yummy creole food, and I got two desserts – chocolate souffle and this little concoction of whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate syrup and bananas.

We went back to work to recover. Later that evening, people gathered downtown at The Brewhouse to bid farewell to me. It was so comforting and pleasing to see all those people show up. Some of them, I didn’t even invite! Sadly, there were a couple of flakes who promised they’d show up but didn’t. Very disappointing, to say the least.

Overall, a great day. Looking foward to tomorrow!

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