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Trade my car for a

Trade my car for a Lotus?
So here’s the story: My coworker bought a Lotus Elise and now he realizes how impractical it is. He’s married with a small kid. He needs to get rid of it quick because he is closing on a new home and needs money for the downpayment. It’ll put me in over my head in extra car payments but should I trade my car + cash for his? He’s giving me a great deal because of the special circumstances. He already lost a good chunk of the value driving it off the lot. It’s a $52k car so I am looking to throw down a good chunk of change in extra payments and/or cash to make up the difference. I am not too keen on the color but that’s not enough reason to pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thoughts? Obligatory pics:

Momo Steering Wheel

Shifter. Short throws but very “mechanical” feeling he said. Also, the CD/MP3 faceplate is removed. It’s installed in one the pictures below.

Front. Love those angles.

Passenger seat is non-adjustable except for a little rubber pump on the right side to adjust lumbar. Yes, those are my feet.

Look at the car that is parked to the left, facing the Lotus. Recognize it?

7 Responses to “Trade my car for a”

  • Holy Cow! That whould be sweet but expensive. Do you even know how to drive a stick? Thats a hell of a car to learn on 🙂 DO IT!

  • Nope, don’t know how to drive stick and yeah, it’d be crazy to learn on this!

  • If your balls have dropped, or if you have gone through puberty, you will do this. If you pass on this, I will seriously question your manhood and refer to you as my gay roommate from now on.


  • I think you would be wise to trade for a corrolla. The limited edition lacking an interior light.

  • Problem is finding someone who has such a car.

  • I have one. It’s the most fun car to drive in the world, period. Best handling, best breaking, amazing acceleration, supercar performance. GO FOR IT!

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