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Thoughts This week’s thoughts are


This week’s thoughts are brought to you by the letters MU as in Made Unique, a really cool t-shirt site that included a pack of “ideal boy tissues” and sepia photographs with funny captions on them. Check ’em out.

Thumbs Up this week go to:
* White girls in any sort of black SUV, truck, or Jeep.
* Girls who dress up for a party and say it’s not enough so they have to dress even sexier for the club.
* The lady that works in the apartment front office that looks like the girl from Underworld. I call her my ‘Affordable Kate Beckinsale
* Michael Buble
* Google’s Daily Menu
* Buffalo LinkStation
* Vida Guerra and her leaked cell phone pictures.

Thumbs Down this week go to:
* Taxes
* NGC for rounding down on my salary so I lose $8 a year. It’s the principle!
* People who lie and are bad at it
* Will Smith’s new album Lost and Found. I had high hopes for this. There are like 3 good tracks though
* Credit card debt
* Not having many good tubes for my Morgan Jones clone amp

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