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Weekend Wrapup Pretty cool weekend.

Weekend Wrapup
Pretty cool weekend. Nice, quiet, relaxing. I told you about yesterday already, so here’s today.

I woke up at 9:10 frantic that I was late for work. I finished washing my face and brushing my teeth when it dawned on me that it was Sunday! Alex IMed me and asked if I wanted to get lunch still and I told him about the Wheels and Waves event going on today. He said he’d be interested in checking it out. I told him I was going back to sleep and would call him at noon.

12:40 PM – I woke up frantic, again. He said he didn’t care and was talking to his neighbor. He took a shower and came by and we headed downtown. We had lunch at Pascucci. It was only a 10 minute wait. After lunch was over, we met up with my friend Mark. He rode his motorcylcle down.

We proceeded to walk around and check out all the cars. I was really most excited about meeting Chip Foose. Chip is *the* man when it comes to custom cars. I watch Overhaulin’ all the time in which he is the lead designer. Phenomenal guy. I told him that I wanted to buy one of his t-shirts but his online shop didn’t have any mediums. He said “Sorry about that.” LOL!

We watched Kelp play for a bit. I like their style. Met some old coworkers.

On the way back down the street, Mark pointed out a women’s wallet that was on the floor. It was jam packed with credit cards, cash, checkbook. Alex picked it up and held on to it. I called her call and left a message. Then we gave it to a group of cops standing on one of the corners. Good samaritan deed of the day.

After, we went to Cost Plus where I bought a bunch of yummy food including a variety pack of soda and a Bloody Mary Mix. Then we went to Pierre LaFond for dessert. On the way to the garage, we passed by Ronald’s favorite restaurant with beauty sitting in front of it.

We came back to my apartment around 5:30 and played Burnout 3 until we won $20M. That unlocked the Long Nose Cab Semi. Pretty disappointing.

Oh, before I forget – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDO!

The End.

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