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I’m in the System! Well,

I’m in the System!

Well, what can I say? I managed to stay out of the system for 23 years but today it ended. After lunch, I went to the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department for my 2 o’clock fingerprinting appointment. I believe this is the last step in my background check process. At least the last step I am responsible for, for a while.

I also went to get two art pieces framed. I ended up only getting the Inferno piece done since the Stan Lee Spider-Man piece had a signature in the lower part that is normally stapled to the frame. In other words, it would have been damaged, hidden, or both if I framed it by stretching. The giclee is on canvas and like a painting, that’s how they are normally framed. I’ll take a picture of the Inferno piece when I get it back. It’s going to be awesome.

Went to Trader Joe’s after work and got some of this goodness:

Got my business cards today, finally. I requested the title of QA Architect but I guess they felt that QA Engineer was better. Disappointed to say the least. The coolest part about my card? The full name of the company:

Northrop Grumman
Mission Systems Sector
Tactical Systems Division

I think this site really needs a redesign. I am getting tired of the template. Maybe move to something a little larger (width) and cleaner (black text, light background). Anyone want to help me with some design? Hint, hint…

Here’s a little culinary secret for you guys: Made in Napa Valley

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