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Weekend Update This was an

Weekend Update
This was an interesting weekend. Not the most exciting but nowhere near boring. I am trying to remember what I did on Friday. I guess it was not that important or else I would have remembered. Oh wait, I went to Costco to look for peanut oil for my deep fryer. Unfortunately, they had every sort of cooking oil *except* peanut oil. Does anyone know where I can get some? I also got a DVD two pack with Collateral and Road to Perdition. I watched Collateral that night.

Saturday – I went to Costco to get chips and six layer dip. That evening, I went to a white trash party at Mia’s place.

She lives in the hills off Foothill. Super nice houses with steep narrow driveways. I provided the music with my trusty iPod loaded to the brim with hits. I didn’t stay too long and called up Florian to come over and hang out. So he and Angela came over and we watched Frailty. I love that movie, especially the twist. I think it was lost on them though. He was pretty wasted, thanks in part to me.

Sunday – I went to the Marketplace to get lunch. When I got there, I found traffic cones and signs directing exits and entrance lanes to the parking lots. I guess the Farmer’s Market was there. Lots of fun checking out all the stuff they had. I ended up spending more money than I expected. I passed by this table of cheeses and the guy didn’t even say hello to me but I stopped long enough for him to notice me. Then the second pass I made, there was a guy that was slightly ahead of me. Immediately, the vendor offered him a slice of cheese to taste. I was standing right next to him and he didn’t even acknowledge me. Guess who didn’t get to sell some cheese today? C’mon racist white folk. I have money too!

I got lunch at Anna’s Bakery, a turkey, bacon, avocado, pepper, sandwhich on sourdough with pesto spread. I also got a Grande Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks. Then I went to the laundromat besides Albertsons to get change for laundry.

While I was doing laundry, Sepi IM’d me and told me about a new artist out of Norway that is really turning heads in the industry. Her name is Annie and her new album is called Anniemal. How witty huh? She has a club sound with some really creative beats and a poppish, Madonna-isque style. I like her voice and the music, but I am not sure I am a fan, yet. I’ll have to take a closer listen. In the meantime, you should check her out and decide for yourself.

When I neared the end of my folding, Nate IM’d me and asked what I was up to. I replied with a spontaneous “BBQ?” not expecting him to actually agree. I mean who, besides me, is that wild! 😛 Anyway, he did and in 45 minutes, he and Kelly were at my door. We took off to Vons and bought supplies. Then came back and a feast ensued. We watched Team America: World Police and you better believe I belted out every note of America – F**k Yeah.

Tomorrow’s topic – When did fat girls get so confident?

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