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Population Density and Sampling Today

Population Density and Sampling
Today was an average day. I got alot of stuff done, so that’s good. Had lunch at Pick Up Stix. And of course, I had enough left over for dinner! Score. Helped Nick and Michelle finish off a bottle of Symphony wine. Have any of you even heard of this? There is a grape called Symphony! Insane.

Here’s one of the many interesting tidbits from my book blink. Premise – They are talking about speed dating and the people involved.

“For example, if Mary said at the start of the evening that she wanted someone intelligent and sincere, that in no way means she’ll be attracted to only intelligent and sincere men. It’s just as likely that John, whom she likes more than anyone else, could turn out to be attractive and funny but not particularly sincere or smart at all. Second, if all the Men Mary ends up liking during the speed-dating are more attractive and funny than they are smart and sincere, on the next day, when she’s asked to describe her perfect man, Mary will say that she likes attractive and funny men. But that’s just the next day. If you ask her again a month later, she’ll be back to saying she wants intelligent and sincere.”

So what does this mean? I totally believe it to be true, especially in romance. Don’t we have this inexpicable attraction to people and when people ask us who our perfect girlfriend is, we start describing our crush, despite the fact that they often don’t exhibit all the characteristics we previously deemed necessary for compatibility?

Two cool things for you guys to check out today. First is a small design company out of New York called Future Relic. They make some really creative t-shirt commentaries on our country, its politics, and culture. I just ordered the Population Density in a Medium. Look at it closely for a bit, it’ll come to you. Others worth mentioning are the 2nd Amendment and the Surrender shirts. I am waiting for both to come back into stock at Digital Gravel so I can buy them cheaper!

Second, we all know that some of the most popular music of the last 20 years has borrowed generously from the past. Here’s an interesting visual representation of the History of Sampling. It’s interesting to see how things are connected. I must admit, after playing with this for 15 minutes, I still don’t entirely get how it works. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck.

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