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Weekend at Mido’s You are

Weekend at Mido’s
You are supposed to think of the movie reference, “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Read it again if you didn’t. Got it? Nice. Let’s move on.

Thursday – Came home after work. Was dead tired. I am not sure why. Swung by Claire and Ronald’s house to say hi. Then made my way home.

Friday – My mom took me to the Amtrak station where I picked up roundtrip tickets (courtesy of Mido. The first of many treats!) at this machine. I have never seen marvel before. It was great. I hopped on the train and after a half an hour delay on top of the 2:45 hour train ride, I arrived in sunny and hot Downtown San Diego. Mido was already waiting for me and after some street negotiations, we made our way to StratEdge. What a cool company. I liked the tour by her enthusiastic and proud boss, Tim. Later we went to this awesome bread place that is like Corner Bakery, but better, called Panera. I wish they had one here in LA or SB. Then BBQ courtesy of Mido’s ex-housemate Liz. There was a mountain of steak. I was in heaven. Then we went to a improv comedy show at the National Comedy Theatre that is very similar to “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” I had a really good time. Very creative place to go.

Saturday – The only full day in SD! We spent the better half of the morning and afternoon in Mexico for some delicious spiney lobster. What’s the difference you ask? Mido will tell you that it’s larger than red lobster, which you find at … you guessed it, Red Lobster. All I know is it was delcious and the margaritas were easy to drink. Score.

On the way back, the onramp that would have taken us back home was blocked off with amarillo police tape. That started a Mexican adventure of street vendors, confusion, near peril, and finally victory.

That evening, we went to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. Then we went toExtraordinary Desserts after. Sammy’s was good but Extraordinary Desserts was EXTRAORDINARY. I loved that place. It was very expensive though so it’s not an everyday thing. But maybe twice a year. Decadent. They even had their own gourmet teas and sweets. I bought the Romeo’s Passion. I brewed it today at work. It is sour which I should have expected with all the citrus fruit in it. It makes a tea that’s a beautiful pink/purple color. Never seen anything like that. Good stuff.

Sunday – Breakfast to go from Pike’s and then off to LA. Ted picked me up and we went to Little Tokyo to get those little red bean filled cakes. Then we hung out at my house while waiting for Clarissa and Ed to come back from their outting. Then Ronald came back from picking up his parents and we went to see Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith. Two thumbs up from me! Yardhouse for a late dinner then arrived back in Santa Barbara at 2AM.

Today I realized I lost about $330. How you ask? On the 18th, I exercised and sold my vested options. Today the price was a little higher. Bam, I am out $330. Oh well. I got my check in today though and deposited it. That made my bank account happy. Do you know how much that piece of paper cost me? $5 fee. What the hell?

Threadless is having a $10 sale on all their shirts until June 6th. Go buy now! I just picked up three shirts and used my Street Team points to save some dough.

I stayed at work until 8PM today. It sucked. I am so tired. It was needed though. I am not that fast testing so I have to make up for it. Besides, I was not here this weekend.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll add more if I remember.

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