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FizzleMan: what would you say

FizzleMan: what would you say are the 3 most important elements to getting hot bitches?
GiMpYiP: 1. got to be hot
GiMpYiP: 2. gotta be interesting
GiMpYiP: 3. have to be seductive
FizzleMan: i think I am going to work on numbers 1 and 3 right now
FizzleMan: by hitting the gym
GiMpYiP: do it
FizzleMan: you know what i mean?
FizzleMan: can you dig it?
GiMpYiP: i kno what you mean
FizzleMan: i said, can you dig it?
GiMpYiP: yes i can dig it
GiMpYiP: it’s dugged
FizzleMan: peace out!
GiMpYiP: go work out
FizzleMan: ROAR!
GiMpYiP: laters
GiMpYiP: haha
GiMpYiP: you bear

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