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I Wanna Be Like Mike

I Wanna Be Like Mike
No, not Jordan. The other MJ. The King of Pop.

So, the last challenge went pretty well with Prakash and I both hitting up the gym on a more regular basis. I was watching the Usher – 8701 DVD today and after I finished, I couldn’t help but google the Moonwalk. I distinctly remember Prakash telling me how much he likes dancing, having even battled some fools that decided to step at a club. [They got served].

So here’s the new friendly challenge. Learn to moonwalk and record yourself doing it, and post it. I’ll do the same.

Do you accept?

P.S. Be forewarned. Moonwalking is considered a “float” move and I can already levitate so I am a step ahead (behind?). [Clip is 2.4MB]

4 Responses to “I Wanna Be Like Mike”

  • I’ll record it this week for ya. (and i can already levitate too 🙂 Also isn’t the dvd great?!

  • Crap, you can already moonwalk? I practiced for 2 minutes at 3AM in my bathroom. I can’t do it 🙁

  • i haven’t perfected it by any means, but keep in mind I go out dancing a LOT more than you, so don’t feel bad that 2 minutes didn’t do it for you. i found it easier to learn a side slide (the one usher did in his solo on the dvd), then progress to the moonwalk from there.

  • You know what is strange? They say that the sidestep is much harder to do and is the progression after the moonwalk. You did it backwards!

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