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? Apple: Just one straw

? Apple: Just one straw remains on the camel?s back | Between the Lines |

Quote: “Controlling the hardware while letting others manufacture it isn?t as hard as it used to be: To consistently get that pristine first-rate experience that the Mac OS has so long been known for delivering, Apple has historically had to keep control over both the hardware and the software. This is understandable. History has proven that when you leave certain aspects of the hardware up to someone other than the operating system maker, the results can be anything but consistent. That was never good enough for Steve Jobs. But this is 2005 and software vendors have had pretty good luck controlling the hardware. Just ask Microsoft. Or, better put, look no further than Microsoft?s PocketPC, phone, and tablet operating systems. Each of these OSes place more requirements on hardware manufacturers than plain old Windows ever did. Microsoft literally took control of things like display size and resolution (on PocketPCs) and the buttons that invoked certain OS features (on PDAs, phones, and tablets). Within those markets, the result has been much less in the way of product differentiation from one product to the next. But, the participants in those markets have also seen enough wiggle room to go after the competition on both price, features, and functionality without running astray of Microsoft?s stringent specifications. It?s preposterous to think that some other hardware manufacturer couldn?t actually do something innovative with OS X beyond what Apple has already done. Docking stations for notebooks come to mind.”

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