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Where have all the criminals

Where have all the criminals gone?
I am half done with my current book, Freakonomics. I love Gladwell’s writing from Blink so much that I sort of yearn for it while I am reading Levitt and Dubner’s words. But not enough where it completely distracts me from enjoying it. Freakonomics answers questions such as “Why do drug dealers still at home with their mothers” and “What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? It’s an excellent book thus far. I might have pursued econ. further if I had thought about applying it in this matter. In case you are curious: because most make less than minimum wage selling drugs and both school teachers and sumo wrestlers cheat.

I got a nifty cool toy today. It’s called a DiscHub and if you are like me, it’s a God send. All around my desk I have naked/caseless discs. Currently I have 3 DVD-R’s, and 2 CD-R’s. Just random stuff I burned for people or myself and haven’t filed away yet. Now I have a place to put it. They are held in offset slots with neoprene “grippers”. The bottom has 4 “sticky” feet which don’t leave a stain but does a good job keep it stuck to the surface. They come in a variety of colors and there is even a $2 off coupon which brings the price down to $10 a piece. Coupon: “DiscHub2”. And yes, it applies to multiple quantities. I bought two for $20.

Tonight, after 5 grueling hours, I won $20 at poker. We split the pot after the time limit was hit. I am pretty proud of myself.

The Vo – It’s everywhere!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The topic question: basically year after year everyone has been talking about crimewaves and children running rampant in the streets attacking everyone. Guess what? It never really happened. In fact, crime kept dropping and dropping. Why? In short – Roe v Wade, the legalization of abortion. Why would this have an effect on anything?

“As far as crime is concerned, it turns out that not all children are born equal. Not even close. Decades of studies have shown that a child born into an adverse family environment is far more likely than other children to become a criminal. And the millions of women most likely to have an abortion in the wake of Roe v. Wade – poor, unmarried, and teenage mothers for whom illegal abortions had been too expensive or too hard to get – were often models of adversity. They were the very women whose children, if born, would have been much more likely than average to become criminals. But because of Roe v. Wade, these children weren’t born. This power powerful cause would have a drastic, distant effect: yearsd later, jusdt as these unborn children would have entered their criminal primes, the rate of crime began to plummet.”

Believe it or not, I’ve never taken a side. Pro Choice or Pro Life? I’ve never thought about it in-depth, but this certainly sheds a new light on things. It approaches things the way only an economist could. It reminds me of when my sister’s then boyfriend, now fiance, said that we should be against Prop 187 because the results of millions of illegal immigrants without health care or education benefits, would not be a pretty picture. Or when we learned how to actually calculate the value of a person’s life in my business law class.

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