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Geocaching Strikeout So, I am

Geocaching Strikeout
So, I am sure you all remember my horrible experience with the return trip on the FBT Catalina Island Adventure. Anyway, I thought I was SOL when I got back because the charge was on my ATM card. We all know that although it says VISA on it, it’s run by your bank and they are in the business of banking, not credit card processing. That means your chances of a dispute going in your favor are slim.

Well, much to my surprise, I had charged it on my good ol’ American Express. (Who, by the way, just upped my credit to $10k. Wait, that’s not a zero, it’s a six! Can you tell I love AMEX?) Anyway, I submitted a formal dispute and last week I got the following letter in the mail. It reads, in part:

“STEPS WE HAVE TAKEN: We have begun our formal investigation and have issued creit(s) to your account which will appear on an upcoming statement, in the following amount(s) listed below: $73.50”

So there you have it folks. Thigns are not finalized yet until the middle of August but hopefully they rule in my favor. Catalina Express needs to go down!


Wet ear anyone?

Oh, on Friday, we went to the Brewhouse and had dinner and saw Sam’s new band play. Ronald came to hang out this weekend. He arrived late on Friday and we spent the next 4 hours singing karaoke. Everyone had a good time. Nate and Ronald passed out. The next day, we went downtown to have lunch at The Palace with Dave B. Then we went shopping. That evening, we had dinner at The Prince’s.

Helaine and I.

Sam on the drums.

On Sunday, we had a seafood bonanza at Brophy Bros down by the pier. Ronald had to leave early for Father’s Day. I washed cars with Nate and Kelly. Had dinner with them.

So close, yet so far away…

Ronald explaining C.A.R.E. (Customer Always Right Employee)

Today, after work, I went geocaching with Brian and Sam. We were 0 for 3. These new caches are horrible. Think of a big area with plenty of rocks, brush, sticks, spiders, etc and then you have to find a little film canister in that area. The closest you ever get is within 30 feet and even then you are not sure it’s accurate. At least it was fun taking a walk around the neighborhood and playing with Sam.

I decided to exchange my Minimalists for Alchemists.

Bionicle – Check out this cool cross between machinery and the animal kingdom, with some creative twists. Illustrator Eric Feng isn’t doing anything revolutionary, but I’d like to see more of it. (Courtesy of Cool Hunting)

In case you are wondering, my pictures don’t necessarily follow the timeline. I like using them to break up the text.

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