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CBS News | Utah Boy’s

CBS News | Utah Boy’s Ordeal Details Emerge | June 23, 2005 09:22:12

I am sorry, but what’s up with these Utah/Mormon kids and their (lack of) intelligence? Yeah, I am glad they found the kid. Definitely. I would hate to have a child lost in the woods like that. I’d hate to be lost myself. What a horrible situation to be in. And the community pulled together to work the miracle of finding him. Great.

Now let’s recap the situation. Very much like Elizabeth (not-so) Smart, he did everything counterintuitive to being found. He went uphill and away from camp. A camp which they said is difficult to miss so he should have been able to see it at a higher elevation. (I am just assuming here). His parents taught him two lessons: never leave a trail and never talk to strangers. So when rescuers on horseback came on the trail, he had a problem. He couldn’t leave the trail but he couldn’t talk to these evil and mysterious strangers, either. So he chose to give up the first for the latter. So he hid til they passed and then resumed walking away from the camp, up the mountain, on the trail. When asked to explain his ordeal or how long he was gone, he wouldn’t say much. One look at his pictures and you can see something is not right with the boy. It’s ironic that the Mormon community is so strong in their community and help for one another yet the only reason that is needed is because their children (young and older, remember the guy who went hiking up trecherous areas without much food or water and got his arm stuck in the boulder?) do stupid stuff. And no, getting lost is not stupid. But hiding from rescuers (Hawkins), not bringing supplies or telling anyone where you were going (Ralston) , and not walking out the door and down the street to your home (Smart), is!

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