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Via Las Vegas So I

Via Las Vegas

So I bet you all have been waiting for an update about Vegas right? I’ll start off by saying it was one of the best trips ever. It all started like this ..

The 101.

On Thursday morning, I was invited (at the last minute), by Ronald. That really helped my self esteem knowing he exhausted all other possibilities before asking me. I got over it though and agreed to go. I left work a little early and got to Ted’s in good time, even with the expected traffic. We immediately went to Monterey Park where I dropped off some books at Clarissa’s. Then we got dinner at Taco Bell and ate at my place. Then we waited. And waited some more. It was close to 11PM when we finally left Monterey Park. The traffic at the 15N interchange sucked but did not last for too long.

Quick stop at the ATM for Ted.

Soon we were in Primm for a restroom and Coke break. Then Vegas! We arrived around 3 AM, I believe. We met Ronald’s brother in the room, then went downstairs and ate at their all night diner. The food was as you would expect from such a joint. Hush little stomach, daddy will bring the pain tomorrow.

We’ve arrived!

Look at the weird way they do room numbers.

This is what $4.99 buys you in Vegas.

Ted’s shorts after arriving. What is that?

The next day we were awoken at 9 AM with sounds of things smashing and a woman yelling.

“I thought this weekend was about me! You promised, you promised. You left me all alone. I waited here all night for you. How could you do this to me? How could you do this to me? Answer me! We only have $100 left. How are we going to eat?”

At first, it was funny. Then after 3 hours, it got really annoying. We finally left and went to Delmonico, at The Venetian. It’s Emeril Lagasse’s steakhouse that is highly recommended by my friend Dave. We got there right before lunch ended (at 2PM). There were 2-3 other parties in the whole place, which I was really happy about. Dimly lit, nice clean decor, and a triple team waitstaff to attend to your needs. I had the sirloin with twice baked potatoes and a horseradish sauce. Ted and Ronald both got porkchops with bacon wrapped shrimp. We ordered creamed spinach and potato chips with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese as sides. For dessert, I had chocolate creme brulee. Everything was simply delicious.

Look closely…

Afterward, we went back to the room to rest. Oh yeah, Ted and I played some 2-4 Texas Hold ‘Em downstairs. We lost all our money in about 30 minutes. Well, $40 a piece, I mean. Later, I took a nap as the guys went to the pool. Then it was time for dinner. But before that, Ted decided he wanted to watch the Wayne Brady show. Wayne was performing his improv show for just two nights at the Mirage.

“Ronald, do you want to go to the show?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how decisions are made.

We went over to the Mirage and picked up our tickets. Now we had a bit of a predicament. We had enough time to eat at a sitdown restaurant but not enough room for any margin of error. We ruled out fancy places because they tend to take too long. We end up going to the Carnegie Deli which I was sort of excited about. It’s supposed to be just like the one in New York. I got a large dog and the guys had pastrami and corned beef. Look at the size of those monsters.

Ted was drooling when he saw the size of the sausage. Now, I know they claim to have found the real Deepthroat, but …


Aftward, we went to check out the Wynn. Very class joint. Very nice and elegant. I liked it.

The next day, we drove back. We stopped in Primm to do some shopping at the outlets. We got back around 10:30 PM and had dinner at Mimi’s. It was really good! Then after being dropped off, I took Ted back to Calabases and pulled into my carport around 1 AM.

The End.

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  • You hobo, you were not the last person to be invited. How many times do I have to say that. Good grief bud. Stop exaggerating. Good times with the woman yelling in the morning, that awful wench

  • big ron on the cell phone. who could have guessed…

    and what’s with the spooge on the shorts? i guess that’s what happens when you stay at the stratosphere.

    hey vo and ron, how about an invite next time?

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