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Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Volkswagons
Why do people insist on buying VW’s? Sure, at one time they are fun and reliable but now they are neither, especially the later. The new Jetta looks just like a Corolla with some bling.

JD Powers & Associates 2004 Vehicle Dependability Study
Volkswagon has 386 problems per 100 vehicles. The industry average is 269.

VW Loyalists Still Buying Because Jettas Are “Trendy”


I paid too much for this car to have this many problems! IT ONLY HAS 30,000 miles on it!!

Remember how I said that I love the way they drive? I got a 2004 Jetta loaner. It was noisey, the gas pedal was unpredictable and the brakes were spongey. The only redeeming quality was the steering. VW’s have this way of having power steering, but still feeling enough like manual steering to make driving enjoyable. I would NOT want to own this car based on it’s “drivability” alone. It just wasn’t up to par.

More can be found here.

One users posts a topic: “Going to look at a VW GTI in an hour. What should I look for?”

First response: “Something other than a VW”

Article: Jetta sales are slow as VW tries to push high-end versions on U.S.

Last month, VW-brand sales tumbled 28 percent, for a 19 percent drop for the year to date. The comparison with the previous year should have been easy: VW sales were 12 percent lower in the first four months of 2004 than they were a year earlier.

Volkswagen now sells fewer vehicles in the United States than South Korea’s Kia brand does. Although VW has a deeply loyal U.S. customer base, it has lost clients after allowing its model range to grow old in a fiercely competitive market.

Article: VW Dealers Fume as Sales and Satisfaction Levels Tumble

In conclusion, friends don’t let friends buy VW.

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  • I have a 2002 Jetta TDI, the diesel kind. 50mpg, reliable and did I mention the gas mileage? Imagine 650 miles between fill-ups. The new ones do look bad tho. What are the germans thinking. Should tell you what they think of US tho.

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