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Fourth of July 2005: A

Fourth of July 2005: A Pictorial
I am really tired so I will post pictures of my weekend. I do have one story to tell though.

As I was driving up the 101, I was treated to firework shows in LA, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, etc. It was great. I was really amped and it kept me awake. Just south of Santa Barbara, near Sheffield Drive, all the cars braked, hard. There are two lanes. I was in the left lane. There were two cars in front of me, a car beside me, and two cars in front of them. We braked so hard that we had to steer over to the emergency shoulder to prevent hitting each other. I braced myself waiting to get rear ended. There was no warning. It was slightly foggy and that portion of freeway had no streetlamps. As everyone gathered their nerves and exhaled a sigh of relief that nobody had been hurt, our headlights gave a glimpse into what had just happened prior to all the red tailights flaring. There had just been a major 3 car accident. The damage was not contained to just one lane. Debris was all over the freeway. Cars, or what was left of them, were sitting askew across lanes. Cars had to navigate around the damage. People were standing on the side of the road with a bewildered look on their faces. The kind you see from people that come out of fires. I was about to stop but noticed there were 3 cars that had already done so. I drove the rest of the way extra careful and thankful to be alive.

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