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24 Sorry fans, this is

Sorry fans, this is not a post about Jack Bauer, the Girl Next Door, or international counter-terroism taskforces. This is about what went down on my birthday. Not much actually. But here goes.

The night previous (Wednesday, July 6th), I drove to Calabases and then from there Ted and I met FBT at the Hollywood Bowl so we could watch Video Games Live. What a nerdfest. It was awesome. Ted and I were really hungry and didn’t want to pay the rip-off prices at the venue. Imagine our excitement when we saw Russell carrying a basket of food. It turned out to be a birthday cake from a chinese bakery. Sweet!

Cake. See?

I’ll post more about the concert later. Sort of going backwards here.

I went to work and was greeted by various email greetings, either through text or images. Check out Dave’s blog entry (and read the comment too!).

Apparently Ed knows my hero, Lance. Last year, he got Britney to send me a card. How cool is that?

Gwan, my Gwan. What can I say? Very thoughtful.

I was getting coffee with Robert when the HR lady said that she forgot to get a birthday card and hang up the sign. Rober asked, “Who’s birthday is it?” and I replied, “It’s mine!”


Mike “Coolest Last Name Ever” Laconico

At lunch, I met Nate, Kelly, Matt, and Tanya at the European Deli. I had their chicken cordon bleu sandwhich for the first time. Delicious!

Dave had to go to Moore Park to get some books late afternoon, so he dropped off my present. My first of the day actually.

An assortment of microbrew root beers and four bags of loose tea from Solvang. Talk about knowing your friends!

In case anyone wants to see my tea table at work.

After work, I was ironing when Nate called me to inform me that he and Kelly were going to College Night at Sharkey’s and he couldn’t hang out. That’s fine. More Tour de France and folding clothes for me. Then the doorbell rang and they (Nate, Kelly, and Jenn) surprised me. They yelled at me for not telling them it was my birthday. Who does that anyway?

First we went to Ahi for dinner. I had only been there for lunch previously. It was delicious!

Then Via Maestro for dessert.

Note the pinky. That’s the offical way of drinking your cappucino.

Then it was off to Zodo’s Bowling and Beyond where we drank and bowled for 3 hours. It was so much fun. Amazingly, I did better as the night wore on.

The next day, Dave and Pablo took me to lunch at Pascucci. It was the second time I’d been there this week!

Earlier in the week, before any of this talk had started, Ronald insisted he wanted to come visit me for my birthday. Since I had just been home the Fourth of July weekend plus in LA again for the concert, I thought it’d be nice not driving 225 miles for a third time. He invited everyone to come hang out with me, but unfortunately they were all busy with golf, dog walking, and the Lotus festival. I’ll update more later from pictures of this weekend. Not sure what it’ll involve!


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