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Lazy girl seeks same in

Lazy girl seeks same in boy form
PuffTedD: this is ronald’s dream girl
FizzleMan: omg
FizzleMan: this IS RONALD
PuffTedD: Lazy girl seeks same in boy form!

3 Responses to “Lazy girl seeks same in”

  • you gonna step up and call her, ronald? or are you too lazy?

  • Dude, hell no. I don’t want no smokers. That’s disgusting. She’s lazier than me. haha. What a Dave. haha. Man, D Vo and Ted are horrible bastards. haha

    dave b – isn’t chestercopperpot from goonies?

  • i agree with the whole smoker thing. i mean, who wants to french an ashtray…

    yeah, chester copperpot was from the goonies. he was the ORIGINAL goonie.

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