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GiMpYiP: hi buddy GiMpYiP: what’s

GiMpYiP: hi buddy
GiMpYiP: what’s up
FizzleMan: sup stud
FizzleMan: what’s with the gay colors
GiMpYiP: dude
FizzleMan: has it always been like that?
GiMpYiP: there not gay
FizzleMan: or did i jsut notice it today
GiMpYiP: yes
FizzleMan: omg
GiMpYiP: it’s been like that
FizzleMan: i have been your friend so long i dont even notice the gayness anymore
GiMpYiP: shaddap
GiMpYiP: maybe cuz i’m not gay
GiMpYiP: that’s why you don’t notice it
GiMpYiP: haha
FizzleMan: that’s a possibility
GiMpYiP: not a possibility, but a certainty that i’m NOT gay
FizzleMan: alright i believ eyou
FizzleMan: but it’s hard for me to
FizzleMan: with the gay colors and font
GiMpYiP: ahha
GiMpYiP: dude
GiMpYiP: what’s wrong with blue
FizzleMan: it’s PURPLE
GiMpYiP: and the font of a little child
FizzleMan: with gay font
GiMpYiP: what?
FizzleMan: you heard me
FizzleMan: your background color is purple
GiMpYiP: wtf
GiMpYiP: hold on
GiMpYiP: it looks blue to me
FizzleMan: and you probably look straight to yourself
FizzleMan: i see purple
FizzleMan: and i see gay

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