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Words to Make You Say

Words to Make You Say Hmmm …

RE: relationships

AstralFX: well she is definitely the weirdest chick ever
AstralFX: i TOTALLY thought you had that in the bag
AstralFX: now when i give people advice i have to tell them “i have been wrong once”

RE: true friendships

AstralFX (11:54:24 AM): are you thinking of visitng me?
FizzleMan (11:55:14 AM): i am but i am not sure how timing will work out
FizzleMan (11:55:24 AM): dont worry about it, i wont come up last mionute
FizzleMan (11:55:28 AM): you’ll know in advance
FizzleMan (11:55:32 AM): and if you are busy taht weekend
FizzleMan (11:55:35 AM): then it’s cool too
AstralFX (11:57:14 AM): no way!
AstralFX (11:57:17 AM): if i know you were coming
AstralFX (11:57:20 AM): i will bulldoze my plans down

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