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I Heart Mandy Who Doesn’t

I Heart Mandy
Who Doesn’t Love Mandy Moore?

5 Responses to “I Heart Mandy Who Doesn’t”

  • ok, i think mandy moore is pretty, just like the next guy. but those pictures don’t really seem like her personality. she’s more of a down home corn fed iowa girl.

    what do you think, vo?

  • I think after her “growth spurt” she is really experimenting with her naughty side. I have followed her career since she first drove (underage) the New Beetle. That was my freshman year of college. She always has said in interviews that she doesn’t want to be sexy and dirty and slutty like Britney and Christina. Yeah, that’s easy when you are 15 and flatchested and are still a bubble pop teen singer. Then last year, the late flower blossomed. All of a sudden there are magazine covers, a growth spurt, movie roles, and a nice chest. She even said so herself, now she wants to show off a bit more because she never had “those” before. If you watch her early work, you can see her signature “come here” horny lip pout was already in full effect. She is still wielding that deadly and most effective weapon today. Like a sexy sniper, this vixen has been lying in wait. Only now are we witnessing the full barrage of her attack. And I, for one, welcome it.

  • Alright bad boys…what in the world is up with those photos? They are plain dirty! You know what I invision with her mouth partly opened and lips pouty in a wanna-be Angelina Jolie face with her hand on a hose that’s squirting fluid at her face? Yeah, that’s right. I know you see it too. That’s quite a turn away from cord fed, back home, innocent 15 yr old flat chested girl. That’s a sure sign of a pent up sexual passive agressive vixen! Conclusion: you know you want that.

  • hey vo, sexy sniper??? that’s awesome.

  • It’s Me. I love you. You are a nice addition to the blog. Welcome. Take off your shoes and enjoy the ride.

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