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Strange Weekend Before I start,

Strange Weekend
Before I start, I want to share with you an excellent recap of Thursday’s lunch courtesy of my friend in Christ, Dave Barcelona. Click on the picture to read his play-by-play.

Keeping in the spirit of the recap, remember a few weeks ago, I went to see Nate play with this band on the Mesa, at a house party? It was a really fun night, crushes and good (recognizable) music and all.

Nate rockin’ out

Crazy drunk guy. Only pro? Really cute sister. Sorry, no pics 🙁

So later that night (Thursday) we all went to Penny and Sam’s place for a chicken paremsean dinner. Everyone brought plenty of bottles of wine and Penny cooked up a feast. Kelly brought a yummy salad. Max and his wife (Nate’s co-worker) brought bruschetta. I think everyone had a great time.

What a cute couple (and third wheel) we make!

Caption this!

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