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Weekend Update Pretty interesting weekend,

Weekend Update
Pretty interesting weekend, though lots of it was spent bored. Extremely bored.

DSL went down in an area-wide outage on Thursday. When they went to turn it back on Friday, we were informed that the auto billpay never went through and we were four months deliquent. Rather than just flipping a switch and giving us our service back with a smile, we now have to sign up for a new account and wait 6-10 days. Plus, after two years of living together (at two different locations), my roommate Nick started moving out. Pretty sad.

On Friday evening, I went to Acapulco with Josh and his girlfriend Jaime. We had a really good time and everyone was stuffed, especially Josh. He ate a four item combo. That’s just sick, seriously. I got back around 10 and waited. Then at midnight, Bri and Dawn showed up. We watched MTV music videos (no lie) and got to bed at 3PM. Then we woke up early the next day and had lunch at Pascuci, after a visit to Linen’s N’ Things, and then downtown for shopping. They left around 2PM.

Then I went to Kelly’s place and helped wash the girls’ cars then my own. Then I went to dinner again with Josh and Jaime. This time to Outback where I had their special (9 oz steak). Let me tell you folks, Outback steak is mediocre. That’s it. But I don’t think I’d like anything else on their menu, hence I order it each time.

The next day, I called Kelly to see if she wanted to have lunch. She did and called me an hour later (not her fault) when I was at the market getting food. It was too late for a lunch redezvous. I ate my deli fresh bacon turkey sandwhich and sipped my tomato basil soup (the best by the way). I went through two discs of Friends: Season 9 while doing laundry.

At 8:30 that evening, Nate, Kelly, and Jenn came to pick me up. We went downtown to Madisons and had their 2 for 1 steak special. Nate and I ordered the Jack Daniels glazed steak and it was heavenly. I finished everything on my plate before everyone! Then it was time to rock out. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, karaoke night!

There were some really bad singers that just butchered the songs. Then there were some really good ones too like this girl that sang … crap I forgot the name of the song. She had a really raspy voice. Later, she sang “I’m Here For the Party” by Gretchen Wilson. HOT. Oh and some guy made out with Jenn. HAHAH!

Can you believe they actually have a street named after my favorite fruit?!

Cute girl getting humped. Her equally hot friend is hidden by the humpage.

Caption this!

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