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Another One Bites The Dust

I posted this on Craigslist:

I salute you punk rock girl at Costco (sung to Budweiser’s Real Men of Genius)

Today, I salute you, the checkout girl at Costco with jet-black dyed hair
(jet-black dyed hair, so unnatural)
I try to stand in your line even though others might be shorter
(Costco lines are so so long)
Your black leather belt with diamond cut steel studs always catch my eye
(ooh ooh ooh)
I love the black makeup around your eyes. Makes me think of Commando
(like Arnold, before he was the governator)
Your tag says “Since 2004”, I am hoping you stay there for many years
(oooh ooh oooh)
So, smile some more, stop biting your nails (bad habit) and let’s do something sometime.

And got this back:

yo what up, i was just checking out the ads on cr, i was laughing my ass off when i read your headline of Punk rock girl at Costco bec i know who you are talking about, she is one of my good girl friends, i hate to break it to ya but shes a lesbian, NO GUY no matter what they look like or do she never looks at them like that, shes a full blown lesbo and has been for many years, i kick it with her a lot, she is hot, her eyes are the best part but she is not into guys at all
laters xoxo-

*Update – This just in from Hillary (a fan):

I just had to drop you an email to say I loved your posting. Way more entertaining than the usual “I saw you at Starbucks/Farmer’s Market…” post. You, sir, are a true man of genius.

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