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How many plane crashes have there been in the past two weeks? Half a dozen? This is rediculous. And scary. Though, it does make flying more exciting now!

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  • hey vo, recon mission is on, code name LUGNUT. meet me and zombie at rendezvous point charlie at 18:30. details to follow. over.

  • Communique received Barc. Awaiting further instructions.

  • mission is postponed until 12:00 tomorrow. stand by for sector clearance and further instructions. over.

  • The frequency of your cancellations makes you subject to JAG review soldier!

  • Exciting? What a disgusting sub human you are.

  • I’d email you but isn’t cutting it jerk.

  • Darn, it’s not like we have any other way to communicate online is it?? Yeah, it sure is exciting to gamble with peoples’ lives! Whoo hoo! Exciting! Maybe the plane’ll crash, maybe won’t!

  • Amos, what’s your problem? You somehow stumbled across a blog entry I made nearly two years ago about an obscure news article and with a three sentence commentary and you start blasting me, calling me names? You have no problems being so inflammatory but still refuse to put your real email address down. I have to assume that’s not even your real name. Not only that, but the post excites you enough that you monitored it for my response. What does my post have to do with gambling with peoples’ lives? I said there were had been a lot of crashes and it’s scary and exciting at the time. Happy flying.

    Please don’t use my site as a sounding board. Seriously, what is your problem?

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