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August 2005 Music Reviews

Before you head out to your nearest music store or drop a buck at iTunes, read Vo’s music reviews. I already had one a few days ago and I’ll reiterate it here.

Faith Hill – Fireflies: 4.5/5 Stars
One of the best country (nay, any genre) albums I have heard this year. Even if you are not a big country fan, you should still be impressed. Check it out if you get a chance!

311 – Don’t Tread On Me: 4/5 Stars
A flashback to the old 311. Does not remind you of their signature sound. Much more old school yet at the same time, different. It’s confusing. People ask “Is this 311?” so at least they recognize it. But when I say it is, they say “Wow, that’s weird.” A little less hip hop, a little more rock. Worth a listen.

Eric Clapton – Back Home: 4.5/5 Stars
His first album since 2001. And no, I don’t consider “Me and Mr. Johnson” a new album. I guess I should say first album with original content. This thing is great. It’s classic Clapton. Great guitars, lots of toe-tapping songs. Great road trip music. This is how music should be.

Kanye West – Late Registration: 4/5 Stars
His sophmore album carrying the same school theme as the first. I deeply admire Kanye. He makes no effort to pass himself off as a gangster or a thug. He is a determined business man. That’s what this is to him, business. His producing skills make everyone take notice. More mature than The Neptunes. A little more refined than Jermaine Dupri. And doesn’t touch little kiddies like Michael. He’s demonstrated his abilities in front of the mic as well. I think this definitely beats his debut album which I would give at least 1 star less too. I thought it was less than stellar.

Nickelcreek – Why Shouldn’t The Fire Die: 3.5/5 Stars
I have heard of this band before but never listened to them closely until yesterday. Definitely impressive. They are considered country, I guess. I liked their sound. I am not sure what else I can say. I might have to listen again to refresh my memory.

Switchfoot – Nothing Is Sound: 4/5 Stars
*Slow Clap*. Bravos and applause go to the Christian Rock band from Sunny San Diego. Their followup to the Beautiful Letdown is great. Their new single is “Stars” which I liked but there are plenty of better tracks on the album. I see good things for this band.

The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema: 3/5 Stars
The new hot band out there. What’s up with these White Stripes, My Chemical Romance, old dark film noir, pale faced, dark make-up bands? If you like the bands I mentioned, you’ll probably like them. I am not sure what their story is. Lots of whining. It wasn’t bad, but not the greatest. I think I am probably in the minority though.

2 Responses to “August 2005 Music Reviews”

  • thanks for you insight vo. you are truley well rounded ( musically speaking). i hope that you took it down last nite.

  • Thanks for the clarification in parenthesis. For a moment, I thought I might have been well rounded (overall). And you bet I took it down last night. I laid the smacketh downeth.

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