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Your blog is now the sygyzy report

Most of the time, I don’t understand Alex’s comments, emails, or IM’s to me. They are usually completely random and always require me to follow up with, “huh?” But this time, his last comment struck home. I have been doing too much news posting and not enough Vo posting. So I’ll try to fix that, starting now.

This past weekend, I went to Vegas. I drove to LA on Thursday night. I stopped by Calabasses to visit my pal Ted. We went to Woodland Hills and had CPK. What’s funny is that Westfield buil two HUGE malls literally down the street from each other. We went to the first mall but couldn’t find CPK, so we drove half a block down the street and we found it in the second mall. I am not sure what planner would think this was a good idea or what city council would even approve it.

We both had Kung Pao Spaghetti with chicken and shared some tortilla spring rolls (Mediterranean and Thai). We polished off everything. I was pretty proud of myself since I generally do not finish my food.

I stopped by Monterey Park to drop off some stuff, then made a surprise visit to Ronald’s. When I walked in, I immediately smelled the scent of a woman. Sure enough, Ronald was entertaining a lady friend in his pimpin’ pad. We exchanged pleasantries and I proceeded to fix his internet connection. I was short on time and the solution was not immediately apparent, so I threw my hands up in surrender, and left. Made my way to Fullerton to Prakash’s friend Leah’s house. Wow that was a mouthful.

When I arrived, a nice covered parking spot was waiting for me. SCORE. I checked out Leah and Stephanie’s apartment for 10 minutes. They have SO many pets. All sorts too like turtles, snakes, lizards, baby snakes, cats, etc. It was like a zoo. Like the professionally managed ones, not like “zoo”, slang for a mess. 🙂

They both had to work early the next morning, so Prakash and I went over to Cassie and Katie’s place. We let ourselves in and suddenly Katie appeared from her bedroom. I guess she didn’t hear us knocking. I shook her hand and pet her dog Enzo (what a cool friggin name! Sure beats Trigger, Happy, and Lucky. BTW, yes, it was named after the Ferrari!) I kept looking at her. There was something peculiar about her that I couldn’t put my finger on. She looks oddly familiar. It hit me half an hour later. She looked like Michelle Branch! And just last week I saw pictures of her from a cruise the girls took. I have been meeting many affordable celebrities these days. That’s my term for a “regular” girl that looks like a celebrity. For example, my apartment manager is the Affordable Kates Beckinsale.

Prakash showed me the huge LCD TV her boyfriend got her, just because. She said “I thought he got me the new Gwen Stefani CD, but I got this instead.” Talk about glad to be wrong!!!

She went to sleep and Prakash and I watched Matchstick Men. He’d never seen it before. He said he liked con movies so I recommended Confidence to him. I think that’s a great con movie.

I retired to Cassie’s bed (new sheets and all) and tried to watch some late night television, but I couldn’t get her DirecTV to work. So I went to to the living room to look at the setting. What did I find Prakash watching? None other than the final scene of “You Got Served!” Of course I had to plop down and watch the epic battles. What a great way to end the night.

The next morning, we went to breakfast at a small diner with Katie. Then we went to Target to get a tape line-in adapter for the iPod(s). Then Leah and Stephanie came back and we headed to Vegas. The ride was unspectacular. A few restroom breaks and lots of traffic.

We arrived around dinner time and headed straight to the airport to pick up Chris. We were waiting for a while nervously because his flight was delayed and we did not put too many quarters in the meter. I kept looking at this girl that had this funny Anaheim Angels t-shirt that said something like “They will always be OUR Angels”. It was a poke at the lame The Los Angeles Angels of Anahaeim (or whatever) name change.

Chris arrived and we headed off. We were lost for a few minutes. Prakash accidentally took us away from the strip, passing Jaguars. He said he just wanted to show us where it was. We didn’t know then how important this detour would be. Finally, we got to the Monte Carlo and everyone was waiting for us, including Leah’s mom and stepdad. I forgot to mention that Cassie and her boyfriend Mike went early to Vegas.

We checked in, dropped off our stuff, changed, and went to dinner at the Dragon Noodle Restaurant in the hotel. I had my doubts but Prakash reassured me it was good. And he was right! We ordered a bunch of dishes. I requested the mayonaise shrimp with candied walnuts. I was a bit nervous but it was a hit! Everyone liked it. Well, most did.

Then we went to Coyote Ugly in New York New York. It was very small and not that great. This weekend was marked by ugly bachelorette parties. One of the Coyotes announced it was this whale’s birthday. So she got on the bar, then on her knees and opened up for her free shots. They pour you shots into your mouth, one gulp at a time. She drank the rest of the bottle (there was half left). I guarantee she threw up her stomach starfish style later that night.

Then we went to the MGM Grand, downtstairs to their magarita bar. Prakash got Steph a Octane 190 with an extra shot. I didn’t realize it right away but 190 refers to the proof and the shot was none other than Everclear. KILLER! Then back to Monte Carlo for some gambling and more drinking. Then a late night snack in the food court.

The next morning we headed over to Henderson to have lunch at Leah’s mom’s house. She lives near Brian Wagner so Prakash called him on my cell phone. We tried to meet up but unfortunately the timing was off. We had a wonderful lunch and dessert. They have a beautiful house.

Then we left. Gambled some more. Had dinner at the Cafe, then went over to Boardwalk to watch the Prince impersonator show. Prakash and I left after 20 minutes and went to gamble. He watched me play poker. Rather, he watched me lose my second $40 of that weekend. In total, I lost about $100-120 on poker and random slot machines. *Shrug*. Then everyone came back except Leah and Stephanie. They went to Olympic Gardens. The rest of us were hanging out in the food court deciding what to do.

I saw this as an opportunity to really establish myself in this new group of friends. To really make a name for myself. So I presented the idea of going to the Las Vegas Hilton to check out this awesome club that FBT and I had gone to in our last trip. It had a DJ upstairs you could request music from. It was not too crowded. There was no cover. A nice dance floor. The best part? Girls in lingerie dancing on platforms, one on each side. Their eyes lit up and we jumped into a cab. $15 later, everyone’s mouth dropped. The placed completely changed. There were 40+ year olds and NO girls adored in Frederick’s gear. I was made a fool by the Star Trek Hotel. Thanks Hilton!

Mike said he had a few ideas. So we went to the Rio and headed to Club Rio. Voodoo Lounge was upstairs. I heard good things about it but we didn’t get to see it this time. Club Rio was MUCH better. And lo and behold, there were girls dancing on platforms. The said, “Was this like what you were talking about?” Ooooh! I got served!

We had drinks and were dancing. I was checking out this fairly cute girl. She had just met this guy and they were starting to hit it off. Next thing I know, someone pinches my ass. I turn around to see her smiling at me while her new man’s back was to me. That two-timing b*tch. I LOVE IT.

We left the club and coordinated with the girls. They were finishing up at the OG and wanted to go to Jaguars. We all agreed, except Prakash who had to go back. He was tired.

We got there and waited for the girls. We had to pay $30 cover. WTF? They increased it a month ago after the ownership changed. Next month they are turning into Scores (of Chicago and New York fame). Anyway, we get in and there are NO seats. Chris ended up paying $40 for a “reserved” table. I can’t go into too much details but when we left, the sun was out and we were in a rental Hyundai driven by a drunk male stripper. We came in a cab.

The next morning we headed back. We stopped in Primm and did a passenger swap. One of the cars stayed behind, getting a room. Stephanie had gotten sick and needed her rest. I taught them the Million Dollar Game during the car ride. Got back to Fullerton then Monterey Park. Then went to a great sushi dinner at Ari-Ya with Ted, Steph, and Ronald. Then got back to SB around 12:45 AM.

Good times!

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