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Creepy Guy At Work

One of my favorite comedians, Dane Cook, said that we all have a creepy guy at work. He’s the guy that you always stay away from and you make up excuses just to leave when he enters a room. But, he said, he always makes friends with the creepy guy at work. He offers him a snickers bar and some pens for his pocket protector. Because, one day, when he gets mad and comes in with his sawed off, he’ll let you off because you were nice to him.

Well, I don’t want to make friends with any creepy guys at work. But, I am going to start doing what I planned on doing since day one – make friends with the gardener. Our building won one of the Goleta Beautiful Awards. So did my apartment complex. Am I lucky or what? Anyway, this guy works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Just like you and me. Doing what you ask? Gardening! ONE location. He is there before I leave, still there when I leave and come back from lunch, and usually in the afternoons I catch him too. He is pulling roots and tending to his gazillion roses and daisies and daffodils. It really is impressive … if you ever take the time to stop and pay attention. What was once surely a dreary and pale canvas now is littered with all the colors of the rainbow, placed the way only a master artist could.

Today I said good morning. I think I’ll follow up with goodnight and maybe ask his name in the coming days. I don’t think he’ll ever come back with a sawed off, but maybe I’ll get some free flowers for all the ladies in my life.

Oh wait…

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