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LiveStrong, PoseWeak

When the Lance Armstrong Foundation introduced their yellow LiveStrong bands, I sent out a mass email to my company, asking people to pick up one for a buck a piece. I would place the order on my dime. Just drop off a buck and some change or an even Washington if you don’t have any coins. I’ll pick up any remaining shipping. I got a good response. People who didn’t even know about Lance, The Tour, biking, his foundation, or cancer were happy enough donating a small amount because they knew it was a good cause (cancer research for children).

I wore my band proudly and felt a little happy to be one of the relative few that had one. Back then they only had one size and since I don’t quite pack the guns like Prakash or Nick, instead of going around my wrist, I moved it up to mid-forearm where it stayed tight throughout the day. I went on bike rides with it on. And told everyone about it.

Then something unexpected happening. It was carried at Niketown’s and they even gave them away if you bought a pair of kicks there. People started noticing them and they wanted them. Soon, they were sold out everywhere, even online. Soon, you could only find them on ebay for $3-5 a piece.

I stopped wearing mine a few months later. Now you see everyone with one. Everyone has one. That’s fine, if these people actually understood what it was or what it was for. There are even rip offs now, from Nike (ironically enough) and others (I have one that says “I DID NOT VOTE FOR BUSH” which I think is pretty funny). Anyway, I would be good money that most of these people have absolutely no clue who Lance or the LAF is or is about. To them it’s a trendy and cool fashion accessory. This whole situation reminds me a lot of people who wear Buddhist prayer beads, but they call it some other name like “Peace Beads.” No you dimwit, they are prayer beads. When I wear my crucifix/cross, I don’t call it a “plus sign”.

So recognize or return your bands stat. Leave your dollar behind, though. It’s for a good cause. But you already knew that, right?

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