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Why are whites so lucky?

The black thug “looted” the grocery store while the nice white people “found” bread and water from the grocery store.

4 Responses to “Why are whites so lucky?”

  • hey vo, remember that one snl song,

    “i’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whiteys i see…”

    that was a fun foot-stompin’ tune.

  • Garret Morris sung that song. Damn, he was funny playing the Radio Station guy in Martin.

    Yeah, I saw those two as well.. Put them together and sent to a bunch of my friends. Welcome to the USA!!!

  • Seriously, how ridiculous is that. fricking caption writers.

  • Good catch, Sygyzy. That’s totally messed up.

    Oh, get this. A psychologist in the 80s interviewed like about a hundred college students and showed them pictures. Afterwards, they were supposed to describe the pictures they saw. One of the pictures was a white man holding a knife to the black man. Over 90% of the college students later recalled the picture was a black man holding a knife to a white man. Amazing.

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