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U.S. firms help out – Sep. 1, 2005′

“Corporations are contributing millions of dollars in relief aid to help cope with the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina. The following is a list of companies that have taken steps to provide aid to those in need of funds, food and medicine following Monday’s storm”

It’s really strange trying to get into the minds of corporations, trying to figure out the thinking behind their relief contributions. My company donated $2M. Pretty respectable amount. Actually, I thought that was pretty high. Then I read about Abbott contributing twice that (half in products and half in cash). Then you read about some cheapskate companies that donated airlifts (FedEx), water (Anheuser-Busch), or petty amounts like $100k from Tesoro (The SECOND LARGEST US oil refinery). That’s chump change when damage is expected to exceed $20B.

It’s amazing how generous some of the small players are and how cheap some of the larger ones are.

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