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A flood of words

“Context is required to understand Kanye West’s latest outburst — criticizing President Bush on national TV during telethon

Kanye West’s outspoken criticism of President Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina has become one of the most controversial statements by a popular musician since Sinead O’Connor tore up a picture of the pope on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1992.

Like that incident, in which the Irish singer actually was making a complicated critique of the Catholic Church based on the teachings of the Rastafarian religion, the Chicago-born rapper’s unscripted comments on live TV were no ill-considered outburst — and they can’t be understood divorced from the context of West’s work.”

It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with what Kanye had to say. I don’t think he chose the right venue. However, before getting upset, you should read this excellent article. I commend the author for taking the time to put West’s words and message into the right context.

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