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The Man-Made Disaster – New York Times

“The gap is now belatedly being filled by units from other states, though without the local knowledge and training those Mississippi and Louisiana units could supply. The Pentagon is sending thousands of active-duty sailors and soldiers, including a fully staffed aircraft carrier, a hospital ship and some 3,000 Army troops for security and crowd control (even though federal law bars regular Army forces from domestic law enforcement, normally the province of the National Guard). ”

Nothing new in this opinion piece. We all know the government has done a horrible job with the disaster. What I want to point out though is how easily the government can break it’s own laws. In this case, using Army forces for domestic law enforcement. Nobody even bats an eye. Yeah, not a big deal and it’s needed since much of the National Guard is gone. Fine. Whatever. Point is, why do we have laws when they are just changed on a moment’s notice. Will the govt. ever have to answer for conveniently ignoring these laws? They were made for a reason. Just like our privacy laws and other basic rights. Hello Patriot Act. Goodbye Constitution.

2 Responses to “The Man-Made Disaster – New York Times”

  • Very well said. The Posse Comintatus Act (sp?) says that America cannot use troops on citizens. Clinton via Janet Reno violated this in Waco and we’re now seeing how Bush is making the same mistake. The Federal Gov’t is getting way too big.

  • Troops were also used in Hurricane Andrew. This is not a republican or anti-bush thing. I know Clinton and others have done it too. What bothers me is nobody seems to care.

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