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Lord of the Rings: One Serve To Rule Them All

Ronald just got served by today’s Sudoku. I hope he left room for dessert because there more where that came from.

This past weekend, I told Ted and Ronald that the LOTR: ROTK we were watching was missing a scene. Notably, one of a bad guy mounted on a horse that comes out of the gates guarding the evil lands (Mordor?). They both claimed I was crazy, psycho, cuckoo. I must note I did make one mistake – you can see the guy’s face, it’s not dark inside the mask like the Witch King.

Otherwise, here’s the proof. As always, you can click on the pictures for a larger version.

Hey guys, let’s ride over to that big gate. We need to buy time for Frodo.

Oh crap, the prophet dVo was correct. They sent out a mounted warrior monster.

RAWR! Tremble before me humans!

Look at my nasty teeth! I am rabid!

Look what I have!

Ummm mmm I love the way a sweaty hobbit smells. Thanks for sharing Baraka. [looks around laughing]. Get it guys? From Mortal Kombat?

You hold your friend dear I see? Master wants to let you know, he suffered greatly!

You foul motherf*cker! I am so upset.

I brought you a little gift as well.

Say hello to my….

Big ass sword!

You should have shut up, while you were a”head”.
[laughter ensues]
Others: Aragorn is one funny bitch!

6 Responses to “Lord of the Rings: One Serve To Rule Them All”

  • those are some funny captions, vo. but for some reason, i don’t remember that scary guy. who is that?

  • He is like some lieutenent or representative that Sauron sent out before the armies came out. It’s a new scene.

  • jackson probably took him out because he’s r-rated evil scary. i don’t like his teeth. i wonder how he eats. from the pictures, it doesn’t look like it was much of a fight. did they at least do some sword thumping or did aragorn just chop his head off? because if there wasn’t a skirmish, samwise the whiner probably could have taken him.

  • He just rode up to him and the teeth guy was like “What’s up fool? You steppin’?” and Aragorn looked around like “Check this clown out, I ain’t even gonna waste my …” then he does a Japanese School Girl SURPRISE! move and chops off his head. No fight.

  • That’s diplomacy for you. The ugly guy with the bad teeth was in actuality just telling Gandalf that Frodo forgot his shirt. The ugly guy even ironed it for them.

    Then hot-headed Aragorn chops off ugly guy’s head. Poor ugly guy. Goes through all that trouble to iron Frodo’s shirt and still gets his head chopped off.

    I see a new form of discrimination. Hollywood thinks it’s okay to make fun of ugly people with bad teeth. It’s not okay. It’s discrimination.

  • His official title is the “Mouth of Sauron.”

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