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Ebay deal for Skype challenges Google and Yahoo – Company Announcements

“Ebay on Monday laid out plans to move beyond its core e-commerce business, potentially putting it on a collision course with Google and Yahoo, as it confirmed its acquisition of internet voice company Skype for up to $4.1bn.”

We saw it coming but many didn’t believe it was true. This is just insane. What is eBay doing buying Skype? I have to hand it to the Skype guys. They founded Kaaza, the controversial P2P network that went down in flames. We all remember Kaaza. The smarter bunch stayed away from that infested network. So after that got effectively shut down, they went off to Luxembourg to find Skype. The company is no more than a few years old and they just sold it for (potentially) 4.1 billion dollars. Simply amazing.

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