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Chicago Tribune | Wounded hunter says Vang shot first

Now here’s an interesting story that made headlines last November. The suspect, Vang, is on trial for shooting and killing six hunters over a dispute over a hunting area/grounds. There is no question that Vang shot the gentlemen, but the quesiton is: who shot first. That, and was it provoked? In self-defense?

I don’t want to pull the race card here. OK, well yes I do. Read the article. One of the survivors is pretty honest about a few things. He admits to harassing Vang after telling him to leave the area. In fact, he even calls in “reinforcements” to further harass Vang and drive him out of the area. They believed Vang was a Hmong, despite him wearing a camouflage mask throughout the incident. How did these great white hunters know this? Because “he had brown skin and was short”. That’s my big pet peeve with racists nowadays, they don’t take the time to learn their ethnicities. I’ve been called Jap and Chink (among other things). Last time I checked, I am neither Japanese or Chinese. Get it right you dirty bastards.

Anyway, I don’t want to review the whole article here. Go read it. Did he do it? Yeah, we already know that. Did they deserve it? It sounds like even they know they did. That’s one lesson they won’t forget.

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