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Stickyrice and noodlepie

Travelling to Vietnam soon? Well, who isn’t? The mother country is the 4th most popular tourist destination for Americans, right after Australia!

While you’re there, trying to figure out wehat to eat can be difficult and scary. Well two cool blogs, Stickyrice and noodlepie, can prove to be quite helpful.

Courtesy of joshspear

2 Responses to “Stickyrice and noodlepie”

  • dude, now i know why i don’t eat vietnamese food. i was having a good time looking at the stickyrice site, then i got to the chicken head soup.


  • It’s for the Pho. We all know that Pho in America is really Pho lite. We want the real deal.

    So those of us with money fly to Vietnam to get the real deal. The Soup Nazi has nothing on the Vietnamese people.

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